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Memory Pillows

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  1. memory foam Seat Cushion

    Taking care of neck and backs is so important in our day to day lives. Now a days most of us spend a lot of our day in a seat.“A seat cushion is an ideal gift”Those who continuously will sit in a chairs are office workers, drivers, hospitalized etc… our spines are the most important features of our body, because it is responsible for our physical moment.Sitting may feel comfortable at first and if it is done in an incorrect posture it may cause some damages to our bodies. To avoid those risks is adopting good posture.Seat cushion provides you the constant support and comfort. Seat cushion on your work chair improve the health of your spine and increase your comfort levels.
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  2. Jumbo Pillow

    Jumbo:It is the king of all memory foam. Even it will be a replacement of bed. is a best companion for all stages of people like kids, old aged, bed ridden, physically challenged etc...Material used in memory foam is polyurethane, that is sensitive to pressure and temperature. It mould to the shape of an individual’s physique.Memory foam is breathable; it has ventilation channels with pin holes.The quality or shape of the pillow will not get affected even if you twist or roll.
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  3. Nap Pilow

    Nap is all you need to boost your memory and to wakeup feeling like a new man Nap pillow is compact and fit to table even if it is 15 to 20 minites of sleepling this nap pillow will give us a good feel and make us fresh. It is good companion wherever you go.Happy Little Nap
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  4. Baby Nursing Pillow

    Portable and infant support, comfortable for feeding for baby as well as mother.It is long curved pillow with Velcro and it is designed to support babies head and neck alignment especially in feeding.Tender young babies will have sensitive skin, so it is recommended to use memory foam because it has a ventilation channels with pin holes and breathable. It is Non-allergic for new born. It can even be used during travel.
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  5. Travel Pillow

    It adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, good support for cervical, vertebrae and head even sleeping in a seated position.It is adjustable for body pressure.This also supports neck, usually we used to get a neck pain during travel or while sitting in same posture for long hours. During travel we get a neck pain when person’s head moves backward and then forward suddenly with a great force. In that case we can prevent ourselves by using neck support it get adjust accordingly with that force.
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  6. Standard Memory Foam Pillow

    Ensure proper and natural spinal alignment and designed to support superiorly for neck, head & shoulders.We get rid of bodily discomfort and it helps to relieve from irritable pressure points.It is specifically for goodnights sleep and is helpful in side lying as well. If a person doesn’t have any cervical pain also can use this so that their sleep quality will be improved for sure.
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